Sacred Heart Spiritual Centre of Remembering© Officiating Services. Conducting and performing ceremony, sharing in circle, working in a most sacred way. I love to perform and conduct ceremonies. As an Indigenous Healer and Traditional practitioner ceremonies are found in many aspects of our ways of being and knowing.

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Cindilee Nokomis Migizinz Officiant

Cindilee is ordained and  licensed wedding officiant in the province of Ontario and a Minister. She has officiated weddings since 2021 with couples of many religions and faiths.

What is Metaphysics:

  • metaphysics explores the immutable laws of nature, that has been created by the Creator, Universal presence
  • studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality and is not bound to one theological doctrine 
  • includes all religions 
  • a study of the universe itself
  • is a science that is capable of inquiring beyond physical and human science.
  • metaphysics inquires beyond the physical and human science
  • the beauty in all of Creation metaphysics acknowledges and respects this

Cindilee has been walking a path of spiritual advising, coaching, healing, teaching and practitioner of holistic wellness since 1992.

When you join together in two and or more coming together to share in healing, love, prayer, laughter, family and community you are in ceremony.

All elements are present (spirit, mind, heart and body). 

As a Minister that is ordained and a licensed in the province of Ontario, there are many ceremonies, spiritual and religious gatherings that I am able to share with you.

Reverend Cindilee is able to offer:

  • Wedding/ Marriage Ceremony
  • Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony
  • Baby Blessings, Baptism Ceremony
  • New Beginnings Adoption Blessing Ceremony
  • House/Home Blessing Ceremony
  • Blessing Ceremony of Land
  • Celebration of Life and Graveside Resting Place Interment
  • Rites of Passage Elderhood and New Grandparents
  • Rites of Passage Young Girl to Women (Indigenous Rite of Passage) 
  • Hand Fasting Ceremony
  • Universal Spiritual Life Ministry Circles
  • Prayer and Healing Requests

My time with you is to create a ceremony that will be personal, unique experience that you will and those in ceremony will connect through the heart. 

IMM Original Tenets as Conceptualized by the Founder

  • Belief in a Supreme Universal Intelligence or God.
  • Belief that there is a divine purpose to life as created by God.
  • Belief that human beings are happiest and most fulfilled when they have found the purpose for their souls’ existence according to the Will of God.
  • Belief that human suffering is as a direct result of failing to find and do the Will of God for one’s life.
  • Belief that every person, whether they are conscious of it or not, is an individualized expression of God’s Universal Presence.
  • Belief that the Christ manifested through Jesus is a model of God individualized in human form or, in the Biblical phrase, “The Spirit made Flesh.”
  • Belief that all religions have a purpose and were allowed to be created by God to bring some degree of spirituality or belief in God to peoples of all cultures, races, and origins. IMM encourages individuals to make and attempt to live peacefully with peoples of varying religious traditions, preferring to engage in dialogue rather than senseless warring.
  • Belief that those who follow either the exoteric or esoteric teachings of Christ will live eternally.
  • Belief that there is an afterlife existence and that there are many levels or realms of that existence from the ungodly to the heavenly.
  • Belief that God’s Mind, Spirit, and Presence lives as the life force/natural intelligence within the body and consciousness of every human being.
  • Belief that human beings can gain direct access to God’s Presence within themselves through Christ consciousness; access gained through Transcendent or Mystical Meditation.
  • Belief that access to God’s Inner Presence awakens the intuitive channels of the mind to influence one’s conscious mind. Such influence provides direct divine guidance from God which can be applied to improving major human concerns of life: love, relationships, income, health, personal fulfillment, lasting happiness, creativity and – above all – one’s God Willed purpose for having been born to this life.
  • Belief in the above basic principles to the degree that International Metaphysical Ministries and its ordained ministry exist to bring our basic concepts to those who are of a mind to find such principles as being natural to their own awareness.

International Metaphysical Ministry


  • Complimentary, free and no obligation consultation to meet and to see if I am the right fit for ceremony day
  • I will draft each detail, ideas, vows selection of your ceremony
  • Provide you with a  customized wedding document with unlimited revisions for a result to be exactly what you and your partner want
  • To share with you existing, traditional and custom vows, introductions opening and closing, blessings for your to review
  • I will complete the registration of your marriage in Ontario and posting and tracking of your registration for you
  • On the day of your ceremony I will arrive 45 minutes ahead to coordinate with the photographer(s) and videographer(s), mcee, to observe the positioning of registration table, microphone voice testing (set up blue tooth sound system) 
  • I will retrieve from you your marriage license to complete the finalized document and marriage registrar