Renewal of Vows


This spiritual and religious ceremony renewals the vow of a couple.

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Renewal of wedding vows, this ceremony of reaffirming your vows is a wonderful gift to reconnect and share your love for each other and if you wish with others.\

Wedding vows are renewed for many reasons: Why renew your vows?

  1. to refresh your commitments
  2. after a time of transitions in a marriage
  3. at 25 years, 30 years, 50 years and even 60 years of marriage to celebrate
  4. to share with family, friends, your children, your grand children, your great grandchildren your love for each other
  5. to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship,
  6. there is NO WRONG reason to renew your vows.
  7. to celebrate your marriage in your home, at a destination you wish to be at.
  8. maybe you had a simple and quiet wedding, or a civil marriage and you now wish to share your time with others in celebration
  9. maybe financially this is a better time to bring together family and friends and renew your vows.

Renewal of Wedding Vows:

I will send you a package after our initial free consultation if you so choose to work with me as your Wedding Officiate.

  1. one complimentary meeting to discuss your ideas and thoughts about your vow renewal
  2. the opportunity to choose from some simple vows, ideas and experience to make this renewal personal to you 

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