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Reclaim, Unlock, Reach an Expansive Potential, Create Transformation

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth with 30 years (3 decades) of experience!! Do you want to remember your spiritual agreement....Sit in Circle With Me.

Let me in-spire you!

Centre of Remembering Ministry Officiating Services Reverend B.Msc. Metaphysical Minister Ontario Officiate Registered and Ordained with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry & International Metaphysical Ministry USA

4 Winds All My RelationS    and                                            Centre for Remembering

4 Winds All My Relations© & Centre for Remembering

"As long as the wind blows we will all be connected under this blue bowl of the sky. Listen to the wind and hear our elders as they speak."- Plenty Horses, Lakota.

A message from Reverend Nokomis Migizinz, Metaphysical Minister

Aanii, I am so happy to see that you have arrived here today, stepping into the circle at the center of the 
4 Winds, and at this very moment in time. I believe that there are no coincidences and I know you have heard this before arriving here today. I not only believe this, I KNOW this to be a truth. If you have an opportunity to take a read through my bio; my life journey has been spiritually directed since my time of birth. This journey led me to study with many mentors from Holistic Practice, Energy Healing and Indigenous Traditional Healing/Seeing work.

Extensively I have travelled throughout Canada, the USA and UK to sacred sites, participated in ceremony and activation work.

I have included below a humble mission and vision statement; as an intuitive, a seer and healer it is most difficult to share about yourself, however, in the context of this web site, I have needed to reach inside to be able to share my experience, life, credentials, education and life journey.

How I know this, because there are no coincidences in life!!!!!
Reverend Nokomis Migizinz, Metaphysical Minister


4 Winds All My Relations©  & Centre for Remembering
will take you through a journey around the medicine wheel (the sacred hoop) and engage your spirit in the Winds of Change, in providing empowering workshops, services, healing, coaching and spiritual readings.”
It is the mission of 4 Winds All My Relations© & Centre for Remembering to provide services that allow you to reclaim your spiritual gifts, to unlock you authentic self, to reach a expansive potential in working with a Spiritual Teacher that creates transformation and is a catalyst for Spiritual growth. 30 years (3 decades) of work that uplift, enrich and support your journey.


4 Winds All My Relations © & Centre for Remembering 
does this by engaging and empowering individuals to realign to your spiritual template/agreement, to resonate with deepened understanding of your journey, to engage in your ancestral knowledge, to support you in achieving your goals, This allows you to create the life you desire, to live an enriched journey spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It is with mindfulness that you seek services, engage in workshops with your total being, have an open heart to learn, and are willing to be uncomfortable to be comfortable this allows you to step into the inner circle, connect to your spiritual self within and that of the higher consciousness.

4 Winds All My Relations© & Centre for Remembering
invites participants to understand their journey of life and understand that together we all sit in the Hoop of Life and that all is connected. What we think, how we move through life and that in which we wish to be.

4 Winds All My Relations© & Centre for Remembering
works within the Cycles of Truth and that of the levels of the Sacred Hoop (Medicine Wheel), including the 8 directions and the teachings within each level of the Sacred Hoop

To learn more about Nokomis Migizinz 
4 Winds All My Relations © & Centre for Remembering

4 Winds All My Relations © & Centre for Remembering
 is able to offer through the services provided the opportunity for you to gain clarity in life, discover your passion, purpose, set goals and live a authentic life being the best you are meant to be!!!

The Understanding:

As understood in the Thanksgiving Address "We are all thankful to the powers we know as the Four Winds. We hear their voices in the moving air as they refresh us and purify the air we breathe. They help to bring the change of seasons. From the four directions they come, bringing us messages and giving us strength. With one mind, we send our greetings and thanks to the Four Winds." Now our minds are one.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings teach us "Many Anishinaabe observe the Seven Grandfather Teachings as traditional knowledge that collectively represents what is needed for community survival. The words are part of the original language.
The teachings appear in a circle they symbolize much of what defines Minobimaadowin, A Good Way of Life, We live well.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are:
  • Knowledge
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Humlilty
  • Truth
In the traditional way which is rooted in a way of knowing, a way of life, a way of learning, is embodied understanding of the original people their connection to the Earth and all creation.

"Where does the wind go?" I ask my Father one day. My Father looked off into the distance and I could see his eyes go into that strange trance like stare. "What do you hear in the wind?" he asked. I listened hard and said, " I hear music and singing. The sounds you hear on the wind are the voices of our Ancestors still telling us how to sing and make the music that was given to us by the Bird Nation."...........Grandmother Nupa Maka

Grandmother's Voice Member 

A collective of Indigenous women who utilize traditional means and methods and led to the creation of an Indigenous-led, woman-led Wellness Centre at Country Heritage Park – which will provide alternative treatments for all, a very inclusive approach, but one that will allow for the healing of the body, mind, and soul and spirit while connecting to the land.

Ancestral Voice Healing Centre-Oshweken, Ontario
   To schedule follow link Schedule Nokomis for a healing, reading appointment​​​
ANNOUNCING!!! 4 Winds All My Relations© Centre for Remembering can be scheduled at local practice with Ancestral Voices Healing Centre twice a month (Sunday 10am to 4pm EST) and virtually every Monday 6pm to 9pm EST. 

 offering on location in September 2021,
in Oshweken services in Holistic Practitioner, Healer, Spiritual Medium, Full Moon Circles (women), Seer

Spiritual Niagara
I am please to be a contributing writer in the monthly newsletter, please follow NEWSLETTER to read September's article and the work of collogues, teachers, and healers.

Wedding Wire
I am pleased to be included on Wedding Wire for scheduling officiating services: marriages, baby blessings, house blessings, handfasting, celebration of life. Follow ​Nokomis Cindilee Officiating Minister​​​

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Grandmother's Voice~ Honours the Children

Success Stories

 Way back at McMaster university, you helped me find balance to my broken heart after a breakup. It was the most cleansing experience and peaceful unto my soul. I was aching, but you helped direct me towards light and love for myself. We went to the falls, moving water surrounded by nature. Saw the guardian of the forest. I look back on that time fondly. I am also forever grateful that you saw me as I was and offered me a helping hand. Thank you!"2020"


 Thank you for teaching me Reiki, i really enjoyed my course from you, it was very spiritual experience for me. I was at very low period in my life, when i was introduced to Nokomis by another teacher, my journey with you has been great, I can feel your energy around me whenever i am stuck in journey of life, looking forward for more teachings from you. thank you for everything,_Rita 2020"


 "You were exceedingly thorough with the explanation and answered all of my questions. Thank you so much for the reading! It was excellent and very spot on; I truly enjoyed reading your interpretation. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I have a much better understanding of the situation and more clarification on the circumstance. I appreciate the time and detail you spent on providing me with such clarity. I appreciate the usage of clarification cards in my follow-up questions, and I very much appreciate the message from my sister. I do want to comment on the message from Spirit. Thank you so much for that. She passed away from a long battle with cancer. She was older than me and much more motherly towards me. When you said how she would place her hands on me, I kind of imagine her lightly putting both her hands on my shoulders and saying “This too shall pass.”, which is something she would often tell me when I was having a rough time. It essentially boils down to “All will be ok.” exactly like you said. I wasn’t expecting a message from her but I am very happy to hear from her. That’s a great gift. I think that if you are looking to improve, you might consider … It was a very good reading. I honestly don’t have any tip as I felt it was completely satisfactory in answering my question and providing an understanding. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you."

SC, USA~ April 2021

 Received Reiki at all levels from her and while the training was as would be hoped for - thorough and well presented - there was a factor within it which only became understandable afterwards which was an inbuilt carrying over so to speak of the effects of the innate wisdom that she carries which was something unique and enhanced the whole training."

S.R. Womack

 Jackie Thomas~4 Winds All My Relations Last night I had an amazing reading my Cindilee. I did not know what to expect, however it did not take long to realize she was exactly on track to address one of my biggest current challenges, and she did not know what that was before we started. Her lovely energy was a beautiful guide to helping me connect with a lost loved one and providing guidance for my current opportunities. Thank you - Highly recommend."

Jackie T.Client

 Cindilee has been a teacher and mentor to me since 2003. I have taken many of her classes, and had multiple readings and coaching sessions with her. She is a wonderful healer and teacher."

GenevieveStudentGenevieve Therapies


 Thank you for taking your valuable time to share the richness of your culture with our Grade 3 and 4 students and staff. It has assisted us in gaining a deeper understanding of the respect we should have for Mother Earth...I hope you will find the time in the future to share your wisdom with other classes. ~~~March 20, 2013"

Steele Street Public SchoolTeacher

 Thank you for your contribution to the symposium for Family Well Being. Your participation was greatly appreciated. 2018"

MCYS Family Well-Being ProgramConference-Speaker

 "The sharing of her indigenous knowledge that which gives a wonderful overview of nature, and the honour respect needed for them in our careless society."2020"

Nancy L.Workshop Participant

 "An honor to have her services back. She truly is a healer."2020"

Jane V.Workshop Participant

 "Brilliantly instructed in Reiki and Blue Star Celestial Energy by her and her indigenous knowledge is demonstrably extensive as shown by the approval of that community."2019"

Stephen W.Colleague

 "Over the years I had the opportunity to work with Nokomis and I have to say she is one of the most inspirational, loving , kind woman I know! She is full of great wisdom and knowledge and her passion to embrace and empower others to see the fullest in their life is overwhelming! Thank you for all that you do. The Creator will truly bless you for nurturing His children."2019"


 "Met when studied Reflexology, which led to studying Reiki which led to studying aromatherapy which led to hot stone message all because you were such an inspirational woman."2020"

Joanne KHealing Services Student

 "Many thanks to 4 Winds All My Relations. Well understood and received guidance"~ Jane"


 " I am at a crossroad in my life and asked for guidance in a direction that is best. Through spirit guides Nokomis shared a path I hadn’t thought of. Thank you. I would recommend her services."~Sherri 2020"


 "I have just had a tarot reading with Nokomis Migizinz. I did not have a specific question for her to ask. Just wanted to know what the universe had to tell me. Every level f the reading was spot on. A very good reading with what was asked. I recommend other to ask for a reading to help you on your path. Chi Megwich.-Linda May 2020""


 "...very attentive to each of my question and all of it's context. When there was a need for more clarity, she went a step further and asked for guidance by drawing an extra card..... her overall process, being able to attune to Spirit help specifically for me and that adds more guidance from the card spreads..reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Reader""


 "...You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward..All the things you said about the energy around the situation and overcoming that last relationship were spot on..."2020"


 "....You have given me guidance which will be of great help in trying to gain employment. I think that if you are looking to improve, you might consider … None at all.." 2020"


 "Nokomis Migizinz has many gifts and she willingly shares them with you when she teaches. You are probably thinking the gift of sight and the gift of communication with the spirit world. Yes, she absolutely has those gifts too! As a teacher however, she is patient, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and above all she has integrity. Her classes are well thought out and she carefully teaches her techniques and knowledge to ensure the lineage is passed on correctly. She always has time for your questions and she intuitively explains the answers in a way that you will easily understand. She makes you feel like you have been friends for years. She is a very talented mentor and I cannot wait to take more courses with her. Thank you so much Nokomis Migizinz, I am truly grateful for you! Wishing you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021!!" ~Marcie"


 "You completely answered my question. And I'd like you to know that … Thank you so much Nokomis for your insightful reading! I felt the way you framed what the cards said was really clear and straight forward, which is helping me getting clearer with myself! I also liked in our first discussion that you wrote the answers you were going to ask with this specific tarot deck. They were great questions with or without tarots and challenged me to broaden my vision. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. You were completely able to answer my question and as I said before, I really liked the easy and simple way you wrote it down, making the message very clear! What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is … I really liked as well the little summary you made at the end of the reading, it kind of helped me let the meaning sink more and again, to see the big picture and connections. I think that if you are looking to improve, you might consider … Honestly I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t change anything about the reading I got. I felt it was accurate, beautifully written and framed and very clear, which are important elements for me. thank you very very much Nokomis for your beautiful work and helpful insights! Wish you all the best, Warm greetings, Francesca Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!" ~Francesca 2021"


 Authentic and heartfelt teacher and healer I have the honor to have been trained for all 3 levels of Reiki since 2002 with Cindilee, she truly is a gifted teacher and healer. I have met many teachers throughout my personal development, and Cindilee is truly one of the best! She takes her time to make sure you understand everything and always leads us to find the gifts within. I had a reading from her recently and it was very accurate. I am so grateful I can always count on her for being there as a teacher, healer and friend! Namaste, Rev. Natalia Love Angelou Submitted by Sacred Breakthroughs on 03/28/2021"

Rev. Natalia Love AngelouStudent, Teacher, ColleagueNatalia Love Angelou & Sacred Breakthroughs

 An incredible woman! I have been blessed to have be able to meet Cindilee. Her healing capabilities are by far incredible! Just being in her presence alone is healing in itself. I recently received a reading from her and she was bang on with everything she was saying! Cindilee is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to womanhood and I have learned so much about myself in regards to that. Her intentions are pure and she comes from a place of unconditional love and support. Cindilee and a remarkable woman :) Submitted by Laurie Miranda on 03/27/2021"

Laurie MirandaClient

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Reverend Nokomis Migizinz, B. Msc. Metaphysical Minister

4 Winds Facilitator & Founder

Reverend B.Msc. Metaphysical Minister Educator/Professor, Aunt, Great Aunt, Motivational Speaker Former Executive Director, Senior Management 30+ years Spiritual Advisor and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Traditional Seer, Spiritual Medium, Metaphysical Teacher & Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Happiness Coach and Goal Setting Coach

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Honorary Grandmother Nupa Maka

Honorary Grandmother- Spiritual Circle

Elder, Grandmother, Story Teller, Herbalist, Healer, Certified Nutritionist

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Stands Looking Back Gord- Fire Keeper

Fire Keeper & Facilitator

Father of 5 grown children, Grandfather, Uncle, Great Uncle, Partner of 39 years Mechanic 30 years, Volunteer Fire Fighter 24 years, Member of Red Knights Motorcycle Club (Fire Fighters retired and still employed), Member of Vintage Motorcycle Club (restoration of older motorcycles). Sacred Fire Keeper

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Jasmine~ Memengwaazn


Auntie, Sister, Personal Support Worker, Fancy Dancer, Photographer

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Uncle, Brother, Friend

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An Uncle, Brother, BMX rider, athlete and heart centered.

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Mother, Sister, Aunt, Educational Assistant Special Needs Support, Retail Customer Service

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Uncle, Brother, First Responder Hazardous Materials

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Natalia Love

Visionary, Soulful Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister



Visual arts, teacher's college, studies in art & psychology, commissioned portraiture, developing and delivering adult and children's art programs

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Amanda Harvey

Yoga + Mindfulness Guide

Core Values

  • To embrace the 7 Grandfather Teachings
    • Knowledge-
    • Respect
    • Love
    • Courage
    • Honesty
    • Humility
    • Truth
  • To live a good way of life
  • To respect all nations
  • To be inclusive, equitable
  • To understand The Words That Come Before All Else

Land Acknowledgement

Land AcknowledgementLand Acknowledgement

"4 Winds All My Relations© Centre of Remembering
acknowledges the land is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee and the Anishinaabe Peoples. This territory is land protected by the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Treaty agreement. The land is the home to many Indigenous Peoples of (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) in which live here, raise families, build community, and the resources and friendships that are rooted in the richness of living on this land."

I am thankful for the ancestors of my Father's and Mother's lineage that lives within my spirit today as a Anishinaabe Maliseet English French. May I carry the teachings, medicines and ceremonies as earned Rite to continue work within my community and my relatives.

Chi mii gwech, to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Haudenosaunee as I work each day within community, raise my family, share teachings and live in a good way upon the territory, through my spirit of an Anshinaabe Maliseet English and French.

Nokomis Migizinz Waadaanan Nzhwaazswi Mshoomsag Maheegan Dodem Anisinaabe Ikwe Endwaa aki Maliseet Salmon River Eastern Ontario New Brunswick Territory

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