The Elopement Ceremony Heart Ceremony

What is needed: you to obtain your marriage license

Who is needed: two witnesses are required and the officiating minister and you

Where: at your home, outside in nature, in a park, many locations

How: to contact myself and to know;

  1. This ceremony is only 15 minutes in length
  2. You will receive one initial COMPLIMENTARY face-to-face meeting with Reverend Cindilee prior to committing
  3. Following your ceremony, I will personally file the legal documents with the Office of the Registrar General.
  4. Proper license is required for this ceremony to be obtained by the couple prior to the wedding day.

There is no rehearsal fee included due to the nature of this marriage package, this is much like an elopement, quick, simple and discreet.

Personalize Marriage Ceremony

$400.00 plus GST and HST

NEED witnesses, we can provide two(2) witnesses at $50.00 each for signing ✨

50% not refundable deposit to be due on the date of confirmation of your wedding date and the remaining 50% is due 4 weeks prior to your confirmed date.

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Mileage fee:

Applies $50.00 flat rate up to 50km additional mileage charged at 0.50 per kilometer

Reverend Cindilee