A reading will guide and will provide you with insight into your journey. There is questions that you cannot ask because YOU have free will, and the tarot and oracle cards do not work in this way. * will your mistress or your lover leave their current relationship? -you are to ask about you not that of another as this is a privacy issue as well the universal laws do not support such a question. * will you win the lottery, or help me pick the winning ticket. - this is a game of chance, and many things can influence a win or not. * when will you die and transition to spirit world.-this is not an appropriate question and Tarot is not meant to guide you in this question. *What is the name of my soul mate or spirit guide.-tarot may be able to lend insight on some descriptions around this question, but not specific names. *Tarot will not answer if you are pregnant or NOT. - this is a medical question meant for your doctor. *Tarot will not answer any medical questions about an illness, cancer, results of medical tests.- this is a question strictly for your doctor. * Does my EX hate me, does my friend like me, is my friend cheating on me with my partner.-these are questions that involve other people and are private. Questions that would be better suited are how can you improve your relationship with your friend, your EX and your partner. *The Question of: whatever you see, or spirit brings, or what comes up.-this is a very vague question and the insight that maybe delivered may not be what you want to know, and it takes a lot of time to figure for the tarot to lend insight. Questions need to be specific and clear. * Should I take the job, should I quit my job.- these are YES and NO questions with a lot of variables. Questions to ask is what would it look like if you quit your job and took the other job. * Will I get married, will I have children, will I be a grandparent, an uncle a aunt.-these questions are about timing, we would want to look at what happens if you are not, tarot may lend insight however, there may need to be more questions around these requests. *Asking if you will win, or do well on a exam- these questions need to focus on how to improve your chance of achievement and success. Legal Questions tarot does not answer this should be left to your lawyer. All Readings are Confidential. I will not provide a reading or spiritual guidance on: legal matters, health, financial concerns. These are left to the professionals in the field and will not be answered by 4 Winds All My Relations. I do need to state that readings, and spiritual guidance is for over the age of 18 years of age and is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only.

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