Who AM I? I am a spiritual guide that is connected to the Spirit world and also grounded in the Earth Mother. My gifts is to be able to draw connection of surrounding energies, my helpers and spirit to be able to envision the highest potential in most situations. This is normal to me as I have always had one foot on the earth and one foot in spirit. Being able to connect to these realms of spirit and energy allows me to empower and support others during their choices, and guide inspirational insight. There are times in which this is so normal to me that quite often the 'seeds' of change, and insight are planted without me paying much mind in my daily journey. As a natural visionary, I need to work with dedication to maintain my own path of enlightenment as Spirit moves through me in so many ways. I am not here to predict your future, share that it may be not what you want, that it maybe different and to turn down your spiritual light leading to loss of personal power. I am here to empower you to make positive choices, changes in your life, that will lead to you manifesting the desired opportunities, with informed choice, free will and build empowerment, esteem and confidence. Everyone can read the tarot, tap into their intuition, and reap the benefits of confidence, manifest your dream career, relationship, embrace healing and much more. If you are looking for clarity, understanding, and feel your are misaligned, place your thoughts forward. Are you seeking an intuitive connection with your spirit and the universe wisdom that you are able to access? Are you looking to be enlightened upon your path and grow in spiritual knowledge? Is connecting to your spiritual template, open to learn and connect to your spiritual helpers, guides, and totems. Guidance and insight is only a appointment time: zoom and or email. Embrace your journey....have the courage to soar and love life, knowing you are all that you can be. When you decide to invest in a reading, it is important for you to understand how I read for you. In understanding this, it will allow the reading to be clearer, more concise and you will be able to welcome the insights on the questions and concerns you put forward. My gifts of spiritual consulting and counsel is my ability to be able to connect to energy and Spirit. My areas of assistance are: *understanding your spiritual template *connecting to your spiritual self, higher self, bundle *understanding spiritual lessons, growth, past lives Predictions: Tarot is not a fortune telling tool, the predictions unfold ONLY in that you believe in free will, you are in control of your destiny and you are wanting to engage in the process of the story of your spiritual template. You do not need to be psychic to read tarot, you need to open to explore the universal knowledge and vastness of teachings that delve deep into our sub and super conscious. If you are to identify some area of yourself or your life that you would like to build on, strengthen or transform, and with the guidance of the Tarot and Spirit you can create a plan to access your own intuition and the universal knowledge within and around you. A reading acts as a tool to help you obtain your goals and manifest your success. What I know: You have an ability to create the life you desire. Your ability to solve your problems Your ability to set goals Your ability to create meaningful growth in your life You ability to re-align to your spiritual bundle Your ability to welcome insight and guidance that may unfold into transformation and changes A readings are a spiritual strategic plan enabling you to assess your spiritual template, the sacred contract/agreement! When I engage in a reading, it is important to be invested in yourself, self care and know that you are worth this time and financial contribution. What is the financial contribution it is equal to my time, not only that of the reading by my life style way of being that is sacred in practice so that I am able to work when called upon. There is times when during a reading that Spirit may offer messages for you. I ask that you: Not be under the influence of an illicit substance and or alcohol That you are rested and clear, taken some time for self care before the reading if this is live online or at a set time at distance Be clear about your questions, DO NOT ASK GENERALIZED QUESTIONS, YOU RECEIVE GENERALIZED INSIGHT. When we are asking for the spirit to align and the guidance to be shared, please be accountable for your ask, if you are not then this speaks to you lack of love for yourself. Spirit is saddened by that because you are sacred, therefore allow the messages and insights to reach your heart center.

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