What is 4 Winds Transformation Coaching©2021?? Transformative a gift of the phoenix, this mystical bird of transformation and change. My first tattoo was a phoenix, and I then received 2 more. Transformative, transformation, and changing, rising from the ashes this helper of mine, speaks of the gifts that I carry. 4 Winds 7 Transformative Coaching! I have been teaching and instructing since 1997 and providing spiritual readings and guidance since 1992, that is 24 years experience working with Spirit, students, learners, and clients. Coaching in finding: *Happiness * Spiritual Life * Life Purpose * Goal Setting * Life Path * Professional Life Purpose * Red Path Addictions Facilitator

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"4 Winds All My Relations will take you through a journey around the medicine wheel; the sacred hoop and engage your spirit in the Winds of Change." © Rev. Nokomis 2021

Work with me. Let Me Inspire You!!

My work will provide services that will allow you to reclaim your spiritual gifts, to unlock your authentic self, to reach an expansive potential in the ground work of 30 years (3 decades) of Spiritual work, life experience and mentored by ones of past. I bring transformation and a catalyst for Spiritual growth, a Spiritual influencer that initiates the energy of the phoenix in your life.

Uplift, Enrich and Support YOU!

What is Coaching? 

All types of coaching are all about YOU! 

Coaching provides several opportunities to work within various areas of your life to embrace deeper understanding of yourself, life awareness and engages in your informed choice.  

Coaching can assist you in engaging moving forward achieving; happiness, attainment of goals, learn a new skill, stop a habit, pattern, look at beliefs, and spiritual goals.

Traditional Life Coaching is not about the Life Coach giving advice or knowledge or even specific experiences, in the areas that the client wishes to work with or improve. The Coach will offer the expertise in the change, the goal attainment and the process of accountability, that is effective in the areas of desired change of the client.

A Coach can assist you in: to begin.....

changing your thinking that is productive, and supports positive growth

increase emotional wellbeing

change limited belief systems

reframe past experiences

set and achieve goals

make life changes

increase motivation

learn a new skills

change their self-identity

When a Coach offers the expertise, experience in areas of life in this way the Coach is mentoring and acting as a guide during the process.

What does Coaching do?

Coaching will allow you to walk through a process in areas of change, transformation to get the results you wish to achieve in your life.  Coaching is present and future focused, assist clients to explore their past with only means of understanding their current life journey and belief systems. Create goals with H-honesty, E-exact, A-authentic, R-realistic and T-timely.

There is a bit of education and advise, a bit of training,  and education and a lot of support and accountability from your coach.  When you have in your circle a more specialized, specific, expert in knowledge, you then can and do achieve the same.

What happens during a coaching session:

Clients engage in a respectful, open and honest conversation with the coach that creates a safe space (container) to begin to look at the various aspects one wishes to change, improve upon, develop, grow and or release.

What you learn in a coaching session:

You will learn about self-management, and gather tools and resources to do the inner work that will lead you toward living an empowered life. You will learn how to set goals, and achieve these, and how to take action toward your goals, you will learn how to delve in to limiting belief systems and find happiness, becoming internally healed, awakened and move forward in action in your life.

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