Honorary Grandmother Nupa Maka
Honorary Grandmother- Spiritual Circle

Elder, Grandmother, Story Teller, Herbalist, Healer, Certified Nutritionist

Grandmother Nupa Maka dropped her earth robe and  journeyed to Spirit June 2020
She is known as a Grandmother Nupa Maka to many.
To me she is known as Nokomo (means Grandmother in Anshinaabe and of family, of the heart, within the inner circle) with 16 years of mentoring in herbology, ceremony and Indigenous Knowledge.
Born of Bear Clan and is a direct descendant of 7 generations of traditional healers.
Much of her youth was spent living in a Western isolated community with her Grandmothers and Elders passing down to her knowledge of healing. 

Teachings through drumming, ceremony, basket weaving, bead work and the telling of age old stories she shares her vision that everything we do we honour ourselves, our family, the Earth and All Relations. 

Announced and Released "So The Teachings May Live" first book available in EBook and Soft Copy,  in the Series with  "Grandmother's Quilt" to be the second publication of Grandmother Nupa Maka's  journey and is told through her stories of life, knowledge passed down generation to generation and will be available through Amazon and Kindle.

Access to the first book IS NOW available through an online format and soft copy. 

Available on AMAZON "So The Teachings May Live"

So The Teachings May Live Author Nupa Maka L.Cota Copyright 2020

So The Teachings May Live -Soft Cover RELEASED SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2020