When moving into a new home, a new house, this is a celebration. Welcome family and friends to a new home, a new house celebration. Your home is where you rest, live, eat, rejuvenate and even recuperate. Facilitating house blessings and house clearings I have been doing for over 10 years, the gift to be able to share in the blessings and clearing of your place of serenity, love, healing, rejuvenate and rest (your home) is a gift of ceremony.

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House Blessing Ceremony

A house blessing clears the old energies and invites the new energies of balance, positivity, love, safety, and security. 

The ceremony of blessing a house goes back many years. In your home is where family gather, friends and is considered a place of safety, a place to come together in the spirit of love, to express your hospitality and warmth to others.

A house blessing is a symbol of love, and binding of this within the walls and space of your home.

House Blessing Ceremony:

  • to gather together with family and friends in the home
  • to travel to each area of the home and a specific blessing will be shared by Reverend Cindilee
  • blessing each room of the house

Investment $150.00

House Clearing Ceremony

If the energy of your home is out of balance this can effect your sleep, happiness, relationships, and health. There is many areas that can effect the imbalance of energy.

House Clearing Ceremony:

  • To create sacred space, creating sacred circle, triangulation of the circle.
  • Techniques for clearing energy in your space.
  • To charge your space with positive energy.
  • To discern objects and energies that no longer need to be in your space.
  • Utilize crystals to create healing and energy grids in your home.
  • Together with you and your family the clearing of your home, I will also leave you with the understanding on how to continue to maintain uplifting, positive and clear energies in your home

Investment $150.00 Price subject to GST/HST 13% $19.50

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