Full body session of Reiki Reiki is understood to be a universal life force of energy, as the facilitator only of the Reiki energy as a client you receive that in which you need. "Release stress & tap into a deeper level of inner peace with a full body Reiki session." Reiki can be sent at distance and is as effective as in person.

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Session is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Distance Reiki session or in Person (Ancestral Voices Healing Centre)

The first session will include a 15 minute consultation, scheduled zoom meeting and then healing session to follow on scheduled time and day. 

Three Healing Sessions 7 days apart, the 2 sessions following the initial session will also be scheduled on day and time.

Regular sessions $70.00 per session.

When (bundled together 3 sessions, $180.00 which is $60.00 per session, a discount of $30.00)  

Reiki is an amazing healing energy that promotes, healing on all levels, relaxation, spiritual growth and brings balance to the body.

This is deep healing, release of blockages, renewing energy, balancing chakras, aligning spiritual energies, release and heal past life, Healing varying between individuals to the work that is needed, and embraced.

In my experience since 2001 healing sessions are best when 7 days apart, and 3 sessions minimum.

Price subject to GST/HST 13% $23.40