Attunement to Degree Two, includes the attunement to 3 symbols of Degree Two, understanding the energy centres (chakras) of the body, and how to encourage these centers to come to balance. Full day 7 hours Attunement, manual, lineage, certificate Distance-Online Live Zoom

  • Date: 05/03/2022 09:00 AM - 05/03/2022 04:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


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Usui Degree Two March 5th Saturday
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Pre-requisite is Degree One Training

Agenda for the day and what we will cover in class:

  1. you will deepen your connection to Reiki
  2. you will receive an Reiki Degree One Reiju prior to your Reiki Degree Two attunement
  3. the 3 Reiki symbols will be taught and you will learn how to use these symbols to deepen healing
  4. the method of distance healing will be taught
  5. the method to clear space and set up a Reiki channel will be taught
  6. a new technique of scanning the body for imbalance and dis harmonies will be taught
  7. you will practice sending Reiki distance
  8. an exchange of Reiki healing will unfold

You will receive your:

Reiki manual, attunement, 1:1 study with myself for 8 hours, lineage, certificate


ongoing email support and be able to join the Reiki Circle Face Book Community

ONLINE live zoom