Review Reiki Degree One OR Degree Two

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Review (retraining) for Degree One OR Degree Two ----Continual Intake for this retraining/reivew. Are you a student of reiki that has not been able to practice your reiki? Are you in search of a Reiki Teacher Master that can support you with over 20+ years of experience? Are you wanting to begin working with Reiki in your life each day and are not sure how to begin, where to start, and have forgotten the Reiki Ideals, hand positions for healing, relative symbols? This 4 hour workshop is for Degree One and or Degree Two students that have received their attunement for Degree One and or Degree Two review.

  • Date: 17/05/2021 09:00 AM - 17/05/2021 01:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Continual Intake for this class of instruction.

**if you have not been a student of Nokomis you will need to scan or attach your certificate via email to me during registration**

In this review we will review and complete:

*Reiju for the Degree One (for Degree One students only)

*Reiju for the Degree Two (for Degree One and Degree Two students only, you will receive a reiju for Degree One and Degree Two)

*A Reiju is a attunement that is Japanese, that will empower the reiki degree you have achieved and been attuned to.

*Review relative hand positions for healing

*Review of the Reiki Ideals

*Review relative symbols (Degree Two only)

*Exchange of Reiki healing between yourself and myself online and distance session

*Discussion of reiki questions, healing questions, and integration of energy

*****Students that wish to continue as a student of Nokomis you are welcome to have that discussion at that time*****

Certificate of Completion, with Reiju Lineage, manual.