Stands Looking Back Gord- Fire Keeper
Fire Keeper

Father of 5 grown children, Grandfather, Uncle, Great Uncle, Partner of 39 years Mechanic 30 years, Volunteer Fire Fighter 24 years, Member of Red Knights Motorcycle Club (Fire Fighters retired and still employed), Member of Vintage Motorcycle Club (restoration of older motorcycles). Sacred Fire Keeper

Partner of 39 years with marriage to Nokomis Migizinz, father of 5 grown adult children, Grandfather, Uncle and mechanic of 30 years.

Gord offered his gift of mechanical skill set,  kindness and generosity for 20+ years as a volunteer Fire Fighter in his community holding the position of Captain, and team member.

Ancestral lineage of Mohawk (Bay of Quinte), Algonquin (Trios River Quebec Region), French and English. 

Gord is a Bundle Carrier of Men's Medicines, his role to care take the sacred fires for the full moon, purification lodge and feasting ceremony.