Nokomis Migizinz Cindilee, B. MSc.
CEO and Founder

Reverend B.Msc. Metaphysical Minister Educator/Professor, Aunt, Great Aunt, Motivational Speaker Former Executive Director, Senior Management 30+ years Spiritual Advisor and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Traditional Seer, Spiritual Medium, Metaphysical Teacher & Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Happiness Coach and Goal Setting Coach

Reverend Nokomis Migizinz, B. Msc.

Born and raised in the Southern Ontario, ancestry Anishinaabe Maliseet English French, of Wolf Clan. Territorial lands of Salmon River Ontario and Tobique (Neqotkuk)  River New Brunswick on Father's side (Deval/Deveau). French Canadian Cree Quebec and Celtic lineage on Mother's side. 

My name Nokomis Migizinz (Grandmother Little Eagle), Maiigen Dodem (my clan is Wolf), Waadaanis Nzhwaaswi Mishoomaasag (my medicine name given to carry to me Daughter of Seven Grandfathers) The gifts of these names is to see far as the Eagle, to have Eagle vision, ogiichidaakwe (leadership, courage, stands in truth), the clan of the Wolf, community, family, to teach and to serve, Daughter of Seven Grandfathers to act and carry the teachings of: Knowledge, Respect, Love, Honesty, Humility, Courage and Truth.

Grandmother with grandchildren, a mother of 5 grown children, Auntie, Partner of 30 years and a Grandmother Bundle Carrier.

Work held within 5 Indigenous not for profit organizations  positions held; Executive Director, Manager, Administrator, Instructor, Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Grant writing, Traditional Counseling, Project Management, from 2007- to current spanning over 3 Indigenous communities (Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Region)

A Cultural Teacher delivering education at post secondary school to Indigenous youth; academic delivery of Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing, Holistic Medicinal Practice.


*Spiritualist Church of Canada 2021 to current

*Spiritual Niagara 2020 

*Niagara Chapter of Native Women Inc. 2007 to current

*Ordained with Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry 2021 to current

*Ordained with International Metaphysical Ministry, Sedona, USA 2020 to current

Academic Education

St. Lawrence College St. Laurent Animal Care Technology 1985

McMaster University Hamilton Combined BA 2005-2008 

First Nations Technical Institute -Indigenous Community Approaches Program Certificate 2005 Graduate

Brock University NGO Leadership Certificate 2018

Athabasca University 3 credits short of undergraduate degree BA Sociology 2005 to current

McMaster and Niagara college courses in engaging community leadership, project delivery, advocacy, partnerships, conflict resolution 2004 to current

Indigenology Indigenous Education Certificate study with Wilfred Laurier Kitchener 2019 to 2020

Holistic Education

30+ Certifications in Holistic Wellness and Energy work, Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Karuna Ki, Shamballa, Seichim

- Certified Happiness Coach 

-Certified Spiritual Life Coach

-Certified Goal Setting Coach 

-Certified Life Purpose Coach 

Certified Biddy Tarot Reader ( 2019

****Doctrine Study in Metaphysics with the University of Metaphysics

Volunteer Committees

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Public Advisory Committee Indigenous Lead 2021 to current

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Advisor Committee Niagara Region 2021 to current

Ontario Trillium Provincial Grant Volunteer Evaluator 2019 to August 2021

Citizens Advisory to the Chief of Police Hamilton 2018 to 2020

Special Olympics Ontario  2014 to 2020

Notable achievements and community engagements 

Head Elder Woman dancer 2013 Fort Erie

Head Woman dancer 2012 Hamilton

She has conducted opening and closing address, presented as a delegate speaker, emcee, radio, television and debate panel member. Her work in Indigenous education, self-identity, cultural sensitivity, safety, awareness, advocacy within mainstream practice (health care, education, women's services, housing, food security). 

As a carrier of a Grandmother Bundle she earned her Nokomis stick at the age of 45 years when the Grandmother Moon began to reside within, (known as the time of menopause in the Western world view) in the Anishinaabe World view known as the Rite of Passage to a Nokomis to conduct and facilitate Women's Medicine work. 
Dream time has always been teaching and medicine dreams, my helpers would council and teach me here. This goes back as far as I am able to remember. 

My Mother had the gift of clear knowing, my Grandmother had the gift of clear knowing and my Great Aunt had the gift of clear seeing. My gifts of mental mediumship in that spirit places messages, symbols, words, images in my inner mind. My helpers, my guides have been with me for my whole life. They refer themselves as the Council that are made up of several helpers that work along side of me every day.

It could be said that "spirit blows through me" and the Grandmothers have told me this, and it is true. ALL the time...:) So you can understand when you read about the 7 year sabbatical this was a gift of rest for me.

From 2012- 2019 I embraced a 7 year sabbatical in that my work stilled and I took up roles and responsibilities in the not for profit area in Indigenous community.  

The work continues through ceremonies, teaching circles, healing, seeing, fast on the land, education sitting in circle, I continual to walk upright embracing and walking the way of the earth journey with the guidance of the spirit journey. 

It is with saddened heart the loss of well over a handful of the mentors that we sat in circle, the work continues as I was taught. 

In Honour in respect the sharing of photographs in the gallery not to place photographs forward to have any rights only to share the Rite of passage work spanning 30 plus years.

My heart is filled with gratitude, love and each day acknowledges the lessons taught those of love, those of challenge and the gift of teachings that embodies the inner core that my spirit was born of.