Jasmine~ Memengwaazn

Auntie, Sister, Personal Support Worker, Fancy Dancer, Photographer

Jasmine~ Memengwaazn (Little Butterfly) is a natural gifted healer and seer.

She has danced traditional fancy shawl for over 8 years. Jasmine is of Anishinnabe/Malinseet/Mohawk/Algonquin with French and English. 

Jasmine completed her year Berry Fast and can teach/share of the Moon Bundle and Berry Fasting.

During her secondary school study years she acted as a mentor for First Nations, Metis and Inuit, leading cultural camps, participating in events and gatherings.

Jasmine as an Oskaabewis assists during the full moon ceremonies, purification lodges and other workshops.

She carries a personal bundle that represents her Wolf Clan, journey of life and experience.