Waters of the Womb(c)- Women's Way Monthly ONLINE Teachings


In total 13 Moon's in duration each month the women's circle will meet. This is an open circle you can join each month if you like. Upon conclusion of the 13 months, I will begin the teachings for a 2nd time around the lodge. Attendance monthly is suggested, as the teachings do build upon each month, however please attend as you feel drawn to attend. Various healing modalities is discussed, meditation, sacred space, circle, energy healing Participants are empowered, understanding and honouring their life journey. Join at any month. Sit in circle for 1 month or a few or not in all. Plan of registration can be an monthly investment or yearly. The teachings will have move through a and continue. If you miss a month you can always pick this up and again


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Each month we will cover the listed areas in the month.

Group session, women, ages 18 years and up

Each session is 2 hours in length online

No alcohol consumption for 1 days prior to session due to that each session with begin and end with sacred items and to respect the energy of all participants that are engaged on line and in person (TBA dates) in the circle. Thank you.