Tarot, Mediumship and Spirit Readings

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND......all Email Tarot Readings are wait listed up to 10 days return. Normal email delivery of your reading, with 1500 words, photo of the cards, and spread used, are 48 hour delivery from time of purchase. All readings will be completed as quickly as I am able, A personal email reading with Nokomis can assist you gain clarity when faced with decisions in the future. Also to provide you with a better understanding of your current, past and upcoming choices and or decisions. As with all my readings, I will be working with your spirit guides and my (Council) to share insight, messages and understanding. Are looking for guidance, direction during times of transformation in your life, uncertainty and for clarity. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE ADVISE ON LEGAL MATTERS, HEALTH, FINANCIAL MATTERS, 3RD PARTY INFORMATION. I do need to state: Waiver and disclaimer for spiritual consulting, and healing It is required by law for me to state: You are 18 years of age or older Spiritual consulting, and reading session is for entertainment purposes only You understand that the spiritual consult and or healing is not and cannot be used as a substitute for any type of medical, financial or legal advice. Should any professional advice be required it is your own responsibility to seek it out as needed. You understand that spiritual consulting session are purely for entertainment purposes only. Understand that no clairvoyant, intuitive, medium, etc is 100% accurate. There may be some statements in the reading that do not seem to apply currently but may apply at a future date, or may be inaccurate all together. You understand that no refunds or credits will be provided should the reading not produce the desired result. You understand that all information exchanged during the reading is considered confidential and shall not be disclosed except as required by law. Agree that any feedback sent post reading as a testimonial will only include first names and province in order to protect the privacy of those involved. Acknowledge that enough time was given prior to the appointment to review and understand all conditions. Any concerns that arose were addressed. The choice of whether to continue or not was given. You agree on behalf of yourself, your assigns, heirs, executors, guardians, and all other legal representatives, hereby release, discharge, waive, and forever relinquish 4 Winds All My Relations (Nokomis Migizinz), including agents, employees, officers, directors, employers and any other person associated with 4 Winds All My Relations (Nokomis Migizinz), from any and all known or unknown claims resulting from, arising out of or in any way connected with information you may or may not receive during your voluntary participation in a spiritual consulting session and further agree that under no circumstance(s) will you, or any other persons associated with you as a result of your spiritual consulting session attempt to present any claims against, prosecute, sue, seek to attach any lien for any purpose including satisfaction of a judgment or other judicial decree, to the property of 4 Winds All My Relations (Nokomis Migizinz) and their heirs, and you hereby waive all claims, demands, compensation, and all actions that you, anyone associated with you or any other participant in the spiritual consulting session currently or hereafter may have for any injuries or perceived injuries or perceived or real losses you may suffer or believe to suffer because of or during your participation or involvement in a reading resulting from any actions, statements, answers to questions or omissions made by 4 Winds All My Relations (Nokomis Migizinz) or any person associated with 4 Winds All My Relations (Nokomis Migizinz).