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Special Pricing

The Wisdom Spiritual Pathway This reading with include 7 cards and 4 additional cards for the directions on the Medicine wheel. 90 minute reading Live zoom meeting

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This is a reading that shares and overall amount of information about your pathway in life. The areas that are reviewed in depth are:

  1. where you are coming from the past journey
  2. where you are at this moment in time
  3. what is the probable outcome of your journey at this time the pathway
  4. a deep look at patterns or life lessons that are moving through your life right right now
  5. the challenges you are conquered and lessons that you learned and completed
  6. what is working, blessing you right now
  7. what is working as a challenge in your life.

The additional 4 cards will review:

  • the direction of the east, spiritual gifts, strengths
  • the direction of the south the child within
  • the west direction life challenges, attention to
  • the north the place of the wisdom knowledge

Spirit messages:

the above medicine helper

the below medicine helper

the within medicine helper

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