Is a very powerful section of the available Universal Healing Energy. The attunement will change your vibration, soul colors, and allows you to flow with the universe in your being. Ra-Sheeba Level 1--- 6 hours or distance Ra-Sheeba Master-----4 hours or distance

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This is the first time that the RA energy has been combined with the Sheeba energy.

The Sheeba energy is sexual, creative, joyful, expression of love, the feminine part of this column of Universal Healing Energy which leads to straight to the Source.

The Ra is the source from the center of the Great Central Sun.

The Sheeba shows the way to Ra, only through Sheeba are we access Ra and find our true path home.

This healing works directly on the Chakras, changing DNA and electro-magnetics, teaches us how to connect to love which love allows us to progress to all levels.

Founder Merilun Bretherick