Healing with the drum , the drum carries the healing energies of medicines that created from the drum (the pine, the deer, the elk, the spirit of the drum). The drum that is carried to assist in this work brings forth the healing, along with the helpers. The healing energy will be multi-faceted healing energy that comes through as the drum will bring the healing that is needed at that time.

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Each session of 45 minutes to 1 hour of drumming is an investment of $70.00, in my 20+ years experience the healing that unfolds, the release and the work that comes from journey and healing with the drum.

The first session we will have a consultation of 15 minutes prior to the session to discuss readiness of receiving the healing.

No illicit substances, or alcohol to be consumed 24 hour prior to each session.

Price subject to GST/HST 13% $9.10