4 Winds offers online Indigenous training and workshops, that allows the facilitation to be in-person, online via zoom platform. Education to learn about the Indigenous people and build bridges to understanding the relationships in Canada.

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4 Winds is able to offer various workshops, and training to not for profit, profit, secondary school, post secondary, private sector, municipal and regional. 

4 Winds not only is able to provide the listed trainings, we are also able to create a meaningful training, through working together on custom training.

The understanding and awareness of Indigenous people, history, historical trauma, intergenerational trauma, support a meaningful consultation, and work environment for successful recruitment, retention, and collaboration with Indigenous people in the work field.

To read more about Nokomis Migizinz and work with Grandmother's Voice

  • Peer Approved 
  • Authenticity of training, knowledge
  • Universal teaching delivery supporting all aspects of learning
  • Best practice adult learning and delivery
  • Research, lived experience
  • Group training, online training, in person training
  • Testimonials and References
  • Quality of material
  • Indigenous community engagement