Promising your love between yourself and your partner, with extended family and friends. Simple without registration legally, as a marriage in Ontario. This is a traditional ceremony that has been known as Handfasting, This includes the wrapping of ribbon, cloth around the hands of the couple, it is symbolic of binding their union. Price subject to GST/HST 13% $35.75

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This ceremony is to promise two people together, in love and commitment.

This is a ancient matrimonial tradition and originates from Scotland in the 16th and 17th century. 

It is the joining of hands.

The ceremony is not an officiating ceremony in the province.

A ceremony that is shared with family and friends of a small group to to 20 people, to stand in witness to the promise between the couple.

Two witness share their insight of support and promise, as the couple hands are fastened together, this can be done with lace, yarn, leather, the wrap is to acknowledge the gift of commitment to each other. 

$300.00 plus HST/GST $39.00

50% deposit to be due on the date of confirmation of your wedding date and the remaining 50% is due 4 weeks prior to your confirmed date.