This religious ceremony is to bring spiritual blessing at the time of the child's birth and adoption ceremony. Price subject to GST/HST 13% $19.50

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During the time of pregnancy, the baby begins their life within the womb of the mother. 

At the time of birth, the baby is born through the waters of the womb. The first breath of life, greets the baby, and the baby takes up the breath of Creation.

The blessing and greeting of the new life, the greeting of the spirit of the child coming into the family, is a sacred gift.

The blessing begins the connection spiritually. Acknowledging the gifts of this new life joining your family, loved ones. The ceremony serves to welcome the new baby into the world .

The ceremony is an hour. I will work with you on the most beautiful blessing ceremony of prayers, words, healing and welcoming.

As part of the ceremony:

  • Blessing with the eagle feather
  • Water and flowers to be shared
  • The water is blessed and used in the blessing ceremony

This ceremony can be completed anytime in the first year of the new baby's life journey.

This ceremony is approximately 1 hours in length includes planning correspondence and time