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Special Pricing
Special Pricing

Understand the colors that surround you, your spiritual template and the Medicine Wheel Truths. Spirit colors, blueprint template and life lessons, learn about the gifts you enter in with and those you are working through during your earth walk. This teachings have been transferred to me, by Nokomo my mentor of 16 years. The Birth Colors and Medicine Wheel of Life of Truths when understood, we have a clear journey and path The colors your spirit comes in with are personal to you and Spirit. These colors do not change, the understanding of the wheel of truth, to understand your birth place on the Medicine Wheel will not only support you in your journey, you will come to understand your gifts, your lessons, role and responsibility you have come in with. Your birth colors and truth cycle allows you to understand your spiritual template, your journey.

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To complete this birth chart of colors, teachings, and spiritual path of truths, please register for the birth chart, upon registration and investment, I will email you directly to set up a zoom link to meet. 

The meeting will be 20 minutes as you will be engaged in the beginning of the process of the birth chart of color.

The remaining time will be completed off line and information will be sent via email.

Time Investment 2 hours for this one of kind birth chart.