Spiritual Mediumship A medium is one that brings messages from the spirit to the sitter. The messages of mediumship is to know that evidence of life after physical life. There is evidence of spiritual life of survival through messages, shared by loved ones. When a spirit shares a link with the medium, there is the messages to be shared to the sitter from the medium. The spirit will bring details of memories shared of their life journey, and they may also share an acknowledgement and understanding of areas that are unfolding in your life.

  • Category: Mediumship Reading
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
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The guides/helpers of a medium are extremely important, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. The vibration band of energy that is linked is called the ability to sit in the power of spirit. This is a daily practice of mediumship development. Mediums are continually developing and learning from the spirit world. The sharing of mediumship is connected to the Law of Permission, mediumship has a deep responsibility, it a sacred communication, a healing process and is heart centered.

There is NO medium that can guarantee whom you may wish to speak to  will come through during the sitting. The conditions for the link is a 3-way conversation (the spirit communicator, the medium and the sitter (you). 

  • The mechanics of mediumship development, is a soul to soul connection, mental mediumship with a disincarnate soul and an incarnate soul(medium). It is important to remain connected through the heart, be open minded and raise the energy to be able to create the best and highest for spirit connection.

Evidence in mediumship is information that is shared from the spirit communicator, to the medium and to you the sitter.

All mediums are psychic however not all psychics are mediums. There is two very different bands of energy to work psychically and to work as a medium.

Mediumship has many levels of spirit within the band of energy of the spirit world.

Spiritual Healing

Is the highest phase of mediumship, as the spirit moves through the energy of the medium to bring healing to the sitter. With the assistance of the healing spirits, the healing flows through the medium and is received in the highest and best for the sitter.

  • This healing has also been called Laying On Of Hands, and Contact Healing. The healing is from the Infinite Spirit and the process is overseen by the healing spirits.

In this healing, I work with the Medicine Bundle and the healing spirits channel through the medicine bundle. The work in the space of the healing for the spiritual healing of the sitter.