Within, Within, Within

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The small child approached the Grandmother as she sat in front of her lodge bundling medicine plants for healing. 

The small took a seat beside the Grandmother and watched with learning eyes.

"Child do you have a name?" The small child responded with "I am not sure of my name, I am not sure why I am here?"

The Grandmother reached into the basket beside her and handed the small child a pouch. 

"This pouch carries sacred medicine plants and a stone nation, it will help you find answers to your questions." She placed the pouch around the neck of the child and let it gently hang above the heart.

The small child gave thanks for the time with the Grandmother and began the walk back home. Holding on to the pouch, saying " little pouch can you help me find who I am and why I am here."

The oak tree heard his prayers and whispered would you like to be a oak tree? Yes, the child smiled, and the child's toes became roots and hair became branches, and solid and tall held fast into the ground the child was. Being an oak tree was not fun, the child could not play. The child then said I am not an oak tree I am a boy child and have a family like me. 

He ran back to the Grandmother and said "I know my name and why I am here".

The Grandmother asked "from where did you get to know the answers to your questions?"

"It came  from within me where the pouch is hanging"|, he said. It is a feeling within, that is connected to me, that answered the truth. The sacred place within the within.