Story of The Falling Stars

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Many moons ago the Grandmother Moon wrapped her arms of light around her children of the stars as a Grandmother does keeping the loves of her life's journey, close and in circle.

The star children never journeyed beyond the light of her heart, for there was darkness and unknowing.

As children are always learning and it happened of two of her loves were curious of that which resided beyond the darkness.

Together they crept quickly along the edge of the light and the darkness hoping to be able to peer through and opening.

Together they found an opening and the first star child leaned forward to peer through, and slide through the opening. The second star child peered through in search for their family and leaped through the opening. 

This opening became the opening for the star children to slip through and shine brightly for a time to the two legged of the Earth.  The star children leave the star world when their work is complete and rejoin the Earth Mother and bring the light of healing to those that see them.

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