The Foundation, The Journey, The Beginning. What is the tarot What are some of the beliefs around the tarot Understand how the tarot works, how can it help us How do you choose your deck, shuffle the cards, interview your deck What is the story of the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana brief introduction What is the understanding of the Minor Arcana, the Court Cards (pip), the suits (elements of the cards). How do you interpret a tarot card, create a tarot journal, and we will talk about 1 card pulls and 3 card pulls. A healing way, carrier of inner knowledge....and spiritual growth. Each course will have a two 1 hour live zoom classes with Nokomis will unfold at the end of the course, bringing things together. Students will be able to participate on a dedicated face book group discussing cards and meanings, with engagement with Nokomis. This is a one course of four that will be created : 1 Foundation (Roots)-The Foundation: Understanding the Tarot (10 lessons +live zoom class 2 hours) **NO pre-requisite** 2-Embracing the Tarot (Truck of the tree): Intuitively Reading, Developing Card Spreads (10 lessons +live zoom class 2 hours) **Foundation pre-requisite** 3-Understanding: (The Branches of the tree) Empowering Questions, Delving into the images of the cards (10 lessons +live zoom class 2 hours) **Embracing the Tarot pre-requisite** 4-Reading Professionally:(The Leaves of the tree) Code of Ethics (10 lessons +live zoom class 2 hours) **Understanding pre-requisite** Each class is limited to 7 students. A waiting list will be created for the next class in that the doors will be open to students, via email announcement. The class number is provide an engaging zoom class and allowing each student to engage in practice and discussion.

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