How Do You Use Sage

Please know if you would like full clearing and cleansing of your home and land this is possible. Travel unfortunately is local maximum 60 minutes from the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. Please follow the link below to assess this service.

Clearing of home and land

If you would like to work with sage, below I share here what I understand, been taught and how this can be done.

When working with any medicine plant such as sage, please ensure that you are in a good way, no alcohol or illicit use of substances prior 24 hours if you are going to be using sage. The reason is for the simple reason you are calling on the medicinal properties of this plant to aid you and your environment. The relationship is one of respect and to be in a good mind when doing this work. 

If this is not possible given the circumstances in your life, please then either connect with myself and or another in your area that can do this blessing and clearing work.

1. To purchase a sage smudge stick can be obtained through a metaphysical shop,  a pow wow, online distributor of herbs, even some candle stores now supply it.  While the sage burns, it will be smoking after you blow out the flame you will need a small fire proof bowl, small cast iron pan, or a shell can be used to place underneath as the sage smokes. (I use a soap stone bowl as I do not use a shell as this is not my peoples original teachings to use a water vessel as a shell)

2. You may want to open the windows in your house , this will allow the sage smoke to move through your house and release the energies to the outside. However, if you are unable to open your windows the sage will still do the work regardless.

3. I would suggest to light your smudge stick with a match as this is more natural to the plant. Once the sage begins to burn, you will then need to blow out the flame. The smoke is similar to incense and the plant will smoke.

4. You begin with pulling the smoke over yourself first and then complete the work you are wanting to have done. You can recite a prayer or an affirmation or a prayer during the smudging. You are welcome to sing an uplifting and empowering song. You can create an affirmation that speaks to the blessing of your home and space, of yourself. "

5. As you walk around the room, the smoke will drift, ensure you reach the corners of the room. The smoke will bring balance and will clear the space and yourself.

6. You should bless every room in your home with sage, including basement and attic space.

7.  Remember then to extinguish the smudge stick in the bowl or you can use water. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXTINGISHED EVERY EMBER OF THE SMUDGE STICK!!! You need to make sure that it is no longer smoldering and extinguished because the smudge stick can hold on to burning embers you may not see, and generate a heat that you may not notice!!!

8. Sweet grass can be used as same as smudge and is quite often used to bring in positive, uplifting and inspired energy.

Sage Types:

  • White sage (Buffalo Sage)  
  • Sweet grass 
  • Cedar
  • White Pine
  • Lavender 

Information is provided for information only and should

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