A Spiritual Reading: How This Can Help You?

There is many questions you maybe facing and looking for guidance on...

Are you feeling frustrated, unclear or even stuck at this moment?

Are you laying awake thinking, spinning your wheels or even are you trying to process a change in your life?

Are you wondering "what is my purpose in life, what is the meaning of life"?

An insightful and clear reading can assist you in these questions.

Are you wondering "when will you receive a pay rise?, "how do I get the promotion in work?"..

Are you asking yourself these questions :

What energy do I need most need to connect to today?

What lesson do I need to learn today?

What lesson may I experience today?

How should I go about my day?

How can I manifest my goals today?

What do card do I need to learn about today?

To review the clearest advice the key is to have empowering questions and the right type of question to ask. I am able to assist you in these questions, and if need be re-phrase the question to bring empowering answers!!!

Ask empowering questions....the "why??" questions will not lead to empowered guidance, however the 'what, how' support clear questions.

An example such as: What is the lesson I need to learn?


How can my experience best further my understanding of the lessons I am now learning?

Do know that the only 'change of time is time itself' this means you are the creator of your journey, and with free will able to change how you may experience the outcome or effect.

The biggest lessons in life can sometimes be the most difficult, and then again some lessons are much easier. In my experience and life, the largest transformation and growth was during those most difficult times. However, we have also choice on how we embrace those times as we journey through them. These is where an experienced spiritual advisor and coach can assist you on this journey.

When we transition through spiritual development and progress, we find the deepened levels of happiness as we are evolving and embracing our spiritual map, template and agreement.

As an Happiness Coach, peeling away the layers and journeying inward to unfolding and reuniting my happiness was profound work.

If you change the way you look at your own life, your own challenges and obstacles will begin to look very different, and also feel different.

Embrace life~