Waters of the Womb(c) Women's Way

Waters of the Womb(c) 13 months of coming together....sharing....learning....growing....empowerment......healing.... Empowering, creative, healing, re-birthing and so much more learning. 30+ years of experience, practice.....women's way....teachings of the Grandmothers....teachings.. of women's medicine..... The $25.00 investment each month: *Online with Nokomis *Engagement in the months' teachings and sharing *Empowering and healing with women in a circle *Opening and closing each month, song and prayer *The investment is not for ceremony, the circles are women's teachings, wellness, health, (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) *Facilitation framework Red Path Addictions Program * Upon completing a Certificate of Participation will be offered listing the months covered. The dates for the Water’s of the Womb are: Sunday July 11th 7-9pm Sunday August 8th 630-830pm Sunday September 5th 630-830pm Sunday October 3rd 630-830pm Sunday November 7th 630-830pm and Sunday December 5th 630-830pm… the dates are around, on and near the new moon. 2022 dates will be set in October 2021

  • Date: 08/08/2021 07:00 PM - 11/07/2022 09:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


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Waters of the Womb(c) Woman's Way
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I do not own the copy right to the music in the videos, videos created by Vimeo.

Waters of the Womb(c) Sample of first 2 months of sharing and teachings....

Waters of the Womb(c)

Transformation, Re-Birth, Empowering....

Honoring the Self: As Being Sacred

Waking Up Within

Managing Self and a Healthy Ego

Spiritual Lessons: How To Recognize Stages of Change

Accepting and Working with Change

What is your spiritual bundle? 

Exercise #1: applying what you have learned

Creating Sacred Space

The Four Directions

Perceiving, Seeing and Understanding

Healing Through the Circle

Preparing, Centering and Grounding

Drumming the Heart Beat, healing through vibration of song

Exercise #2: applying what you have learned

The investment of time $25.00 each month; the investment is a monthly time together with women...empowering...healing....and time in a circle....brings so many gifts....to self.....to spirit....to family.....to community.

*The investment is not for ceremony, the circles are women's teachings, wellness, health, (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)

Taking this time allows you an opportunity for self transformation....you are committing to empowering self and through this you are empowering other woman...