CYCLE OF TRUTH: Spiritual Wholistic Program©2021

Date to be Released September 21

Cycle of Truth: Spiritual Wholistic Program© *** For personalized study, 1:1 study with Rev. Nokomis Migizinz I will work with each student on an individualized plan. Each student will have a different plan, different journey, different goals and learning. All students will be enrolled into a private face book group to build community within those that will be mentoring with Rev. Nokomis Migizinz.

  • Date: 21/09/2021 09:00 AM
  • Location: Online Event


Do you want to create your spiritual journey,  to empowered self? 

Are you interested in developing your wholistic and intuitive practice?

Are you interested in studying with an Spiritual teacher that is  enriched  in Holistic wellness, training, workshops and multifaceted energy facilitation?

Do you want to develop your gifts, strengthen your healing practice, or begin a journey of study of Wholistic wellness and intuitive therapies?

To mentor and work with me a seasoned, experienced Master Teacher, Practitioner and Spiritual Guide of 25+ years, including knowledge gathered and wisdom shared.

Then if this resonates, let us begin the conversation, set up your individualized plan of study, and know that the commitment of a well seasoned and experienced teacher will walk beside you and share knowledge gathered.