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A journey around the Wisdom Wheel, through the 12 Cycles of Truth. The knowledge of the four directions (east, south, west, north). A philosophy and way of self-development, developing our spiritual gifts, self-esteem, and the code of truth within us. Truth establishes the foundation that is called perfection, the sense of purity, comfort, completeness, and wholeness. Deepened study of the 12 Cycles of Truth: Learn, Honour, Know, See, Hear, Speak, Love, Serve, Live, Work, Share, Thank. Understanding the Teachings of the Grandfathers The Wisdom Wheel embodies 343 levels of teachings, that embodies your growth, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

  • Date: 31/03/2023 09:00 AM
  • Location: Online Event


The Wheel of Wisdom is the circle and the personal symbol of transformation, a place that introduces inspiration, positive direction, intuition, spiritual development and honouring your  spiritual growth. 

The Wheel of Wisdom is a Way of Life, a way that you can understand the universe, the wheel contains consciousness of knowledge, and a path of peace. 

How to feel harmony, to know harmony is the sacred trust that is understood through the Wheel of Wisdom Cycles of Truth Lodge

How do we recognize these gifts within our self? 

What can be understood, what can be taught through the Wheel of Wisdom Cycles of Truth?

Do you want to experience a energy of calm, strengthen your intuition, stabilize your center, focus your creative energy, harmonize and express, serving, magnetism and healing.

When you are at at crossroads in your life, in need of spiritual guidance,....

Cycle of Truth-Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Lodge

  • 12 months of cycle of truth teachings- 2 hour each month         Value $480.00
  • Your personalized birth chart of your colors arriving from spirit into this physical earth walk Indigenous Spiritual Astrology                                    Value $200.00
  • Your helpers, you entered into this earth walk with (7 helpers) Value $200.00
  • A monthly mentorship and coaching circle to support your questions, growth and empowerment of learning, developing  2 hour each month       Value $480.00
  • 2 Equinox celebrations                                                                      Value $200.00
  • 2 Solstice celebrations                                                                      Value $200.00
  • 2 personal psychic spiritual readings within the 12 months       Value $250.00
  • 2 deep energy healings (traditional, reiki, celestial)                      Value $180.00
  • 4 meditation healing sessions, connected to the truths              Value $160.00
  • 4 Rites of Passage (Hills of Life)                                                      Value $500.00
  • Bundle of hand outs, manual and certificate                                  Value $25.00
  • Online Introduction to Aromatherapy                                               Value $75.00

                                                                                                   Total           Value $2950.00

BONUS OFFERINGS available after the 12 months as well, timeless:

  • Private diverse face book community with continued teachings, online healing sessions as prompted by spirit
  • Newsletter monthly
  • Monthly live drumming meditation
  • Universal Spiritual Circle
  • Face book live spot readings
  • 20% off of any holistic modalities as listed: Usui Degree One, Two and Three Master Teacher, Online Basic and Advanced Aromatherapy Courses.

                                                                                                   Total           Value $2225.00

                                                                                                    Saving of Value $725.00

   Who is Cycle of Truth Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Lodge for:

  1. to connect to your truth
  2. to connect to your ascended heart center, to your spiritual path
  3. the want to connect to your soul's purpose
  4. to remember who you are, and your spiritual journey (blue road) and your physical journey (red road)
  5. to learn to trust in your higher source, self
  6. to find peace, walk in peace, the path of beauty    
  7. to experience the effect of your innate wisdom and share, engage in the facilitation of healing
  8. to embrace your spiritual gifts     
  9. to experience sacred space, develop your intuition                       

Who is Cycle of Truth Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Lodge NOT for:

  1. if you do not want to experience transformation, and change in your life
  2. you do not want to be supported by a mentor, a spiritual teacher of 25+ years and 100+ years of mentored knowledge
  3. you do not wish to open to a deeper learning of your spiritual journey, your earth walk
  4. for you to be open to connect to your higher consciousness, to spirit and to the universe
  5. for you not to be able to embrace,  engage with community in circle, healing and ritual
  6. to truly gain a deeper understanding of your journey
  7. not to empower yourself, to live a fulfilled life
  8. not to empower others to live to their fullest in life, including yourself Law of Attraction
  9. to have clarity and understanding of your spiritual agreement